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My philosophy

I find that understanding the “why” and not just the “what” is greatly import. As a teacher I make a point of communicating the reasons behind technique, musical interpretations, and healthy body mechanics.

I do my best to enable my students …

I offer several lesson formats:

Also see: Lesson FAQ / Policies

If you’re visiting Eugene and are interested in a single private lesson, please contact me at least a week in advance so we can schedule a time.

I’m also available for performance coaching — solo or ensemble, any style or instrumentation.

Studio Class

1 hour, weekly

(This class is for everybody currently taking lessons from me. It doesn’t cost anything extra.)

Playing in front of people can be a little scary, especially early on. This class provides a less daunting stepping stone toward performing. You’ll have a community of other harp students who are all working on that same skill. In the studio class, we focus less on technique and more on being comfortable in front of an audience.

Sometimes we play ensemble music all together. Occasionally we do other activities like changing harp strings, playing musical games, or looking at an interesting type of harp I got my hands on.

Once or twice a year we’ll put together a concert and play for friends and family.

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Private lessons

$40, 1 hour, weekly

This is where we explore the technical aspects of playing the harp and work on understanding the structure of the music. It’s a time to ask lots of questions!

You’ll also learn things like changing strings, tuning your harp, and how to move your harp around without too much hassle.

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Young Children’s lessons

$22, 30 minutes, weekly

Young children have the opportunity to take half-hour private lessons.

Note to parents: It is incredibly important that a person choose for him- or herself to play an instrument. Encourage your child, absolutely! Expose them to inspiring music! Offer them wonderful opportunities! …But there is a world of difference between having to play the harp and getting to play the harp. Which of those words is accurate is up to your child.

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Parent & Child lessons

$42, 30 minutes, weekly

(For a parent and their child up to 7 years old)

This is a great way for the two of you to share a creative adventure! It may be a great option for someone who’s excited to learn but who’s also a little shy. You can help each other remember things from the lesson, motivate each other to practice, and play music together.

Each of you should have your own harp. This is partly so you don’t have to keep switching off during lessons (and so you can play duets!), but more importantly: It’s best to start learning with a harp that sits on the floor (or a low platform) rather than on your lap — since you are of very different heights, a harp that fits one of you will be entirely the wrong size for the other.

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